Health, fitness and wellbeing

We offer everything you would expect from high class gyms and the latest exercise classes. Also we provide health checks, nutritional support and professional advice to support your wellbeing.


Whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, add muscle or even get fit for a specific event, we have a gym for you! We have two gyms and a number of fitness studios which we operate in Nuneaton.

Exercise classes

We offer over 70 different exercise classes to suit all tastes, ages and abilities. Pick the ones you love, or even hate but you know they will give you the results you love!

Nutritional advice

Our qualified instructors can offer you nutritional advice to support your well-being and help you in achieving your goals.

Personalised Programmes

Our team of dedicated fitness professionals at our gyms are here to help you set and achieve your goals.

Healthcare Professionals Referral

The Fitter Futures Referral Scheme is a chance for those who are less active and suffer from mild/moderate health conditions to become more involved in Physical Activity and get nutritional advice.

Health checks

Our qualified instructors can offer you tailored health checks to support your training programme and help you in achieving your goals.