Nutritional advice

We advocate a healthy lifestyle through both exercise and eating. Our qualified instructors can offer you nutritional advice to support your well-being and help you in achieving your goals.

This is great for anyone who is trying to get leaner, working out to get stronger or looking to stay on track and maintain what they have!

We can offer you practical hints and ideas to help you eat better and feel fabulous!

Get the most from food and learn how to enjoy the best approach to healthy living and eating well. Ask a member of the gym team for more information.

Complement your existing training programme with nutritional support and your free personalised nutrition and exercise plan, to achieve the whole package from your membership.

This is a free service which is part of all gym membership packages available at Empire Gym.


Want the full package?!

Empire Health & Fitness has recently launched EMPIRE LIFE. This is a new lifestyle approach to nutrition and exercise. Ran by the team at Empire Gym & Studios, this takes you on a journey of discovery about yourself, your body and the latest foods and approaching in clean eating and balancing macro nutrients. Contact Empire Gym & Studios for more details.