Physical Activity Consultants

Physical Activity Consultants help in the reduction of inactivity and ill health throughout Warwickshire.

The Physical Activity Consultants aim is to assist in the reduction of inactivity and ill health throughout Warwickshire.They are part of the Fitter Futures Referral Scheme.

This service is targeted at people who may need additional support in starting a new exercise programme, due to various medical conditions. PACs help introduce people into exercise and leisure facilities.

To be eligible for the Fitter Futures scheme you must have be referred by a Health Professional.

How it works

This comprehensive 12 week service begins with the initial consultation and fitness assessments to ascertain your needs. This is individual to you and carried out in your home.

A suitable programme is then tailored to suit your physical activity needs. A thorough induction is then completed. The programme and fitness tests are then reviewed every 4 - 6 weeks with programme updates if needed.

PAC work either with a mobile gym at your home, or in a suitable leisure facility convenient to you. Following the 12 week programme the Physical Activity Consultant will help you gain access to a sustainable form of exercise, to ensure you carry on with a fitter future!

For more information about who is eligible for the scheme and referrals please visit the Fitter Futures website or contact your GP or Healthcare professional.